84% of high school students who attend CYLC go on to gain university admissions and graduate from college!

This more than doubles the college completion rate of Latino college freshmen in the U.S. The primary focus of the Sal Castro Foundation is to develop funding for the Chicano/Latino Youth Leadership Conference, which Sal started in 1963.



      • CYLC is a 3 day intensive conference targeting Chicano/Latino high school students primarily from socio-economically disadvantaged areas in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.
      • CYLC helps students navigate A-G courses necessary for college admission, study for SAT/ACT exams, review college application. requirements/deadlines, and access financial aid.
      • Students also participate in a host of culturally-rich experiences designed to inspire positive self esteem and cultural pride.
      • Latino role models engage with students to deliver motivational talks during the entire weekend. Speakers include politicians, attorneys, doctors of medicine and other fields, artists, justices, engineers, business people, actors and more!
      • Colleges, universities, and corporations attend the Recruitment Fair, to identify talent for their respective campuses and organizations.


2014 CYLC Video

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Inspire the youth of today to become the leaders of tomorrow!